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"Back to Brooklyn" Kincora Records MCGM2

The first few notes on the first track of this CD set the scene for what is to come. Irish music played in a style that is brisk, breezy and full of zest and good humour. Martin Connolly's playing is excellent. The timing and phrasing is particularly rewarding on the more stylised solo tracks. The instruments here are mostly two row boxes, a four voice Paolo Soprano and a four voice Bertrand Gaillard as well of course as two and three reed versions of three voice Handmade Kincora Accordions.

This is not just about accordion music. Maureen Glynn Connolly was from New York but had a passion for Irish music and in common with husband Martin Connolly, a great appreciation for the older legendary musicians. Until her death in 1998 Maureen did much to pass on her skills and knowledge through teaching and playing. Maureen can be heard on most tracks accompanying on piano, stirring up the keys adding extra warmth and pace.

Many of these tracks were recorded as part of Martin and Maureen's second album following on from their successful recording, "The Fort of Kincorda". Added to these tracks are some live concert recordings and also some of Maureen Glyn Connelly's promising students.

Peter Fairbairn

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